We value our strong network of museum professionals and museum bodies that we have built over the years. We have developed several organisations which build the conversation around operation and facilities management as well as positioning ourselves at the heart of international and local conversations. We continue to work with our networks to build find solutions to some of the main challenges and opportunities within the cultural sector.

Cultural Sector FM Hub

Our Director Ben Melham founded and curates the Cultural Sector Hub, bringing together people who are responsible for operations and facilities management in the cultural sector . The hub builds conversations about the industry through online meetings, webinars and quarterly conferences


This twitter handle has sparked international interest and conversation. A webinar in June 2020 ‘Planning to Reopen? Don’t Forget the Toilets’ demonstrated the importance of toilet strategies at the centre of museum planning.

IMCC, International Museum Conservation Congress

Our Director Ben Melham chaired the annual IMCC.