We facilitate our clients to deliver rigorous procurement processes which result in best value outcomes and adhere to all relevant governance.

Our Offer

We provide a range of services to support procurement processes, which are tailored in to a bespoke programme for each client, including;

FM service and cost benchamrking
Market overviews and insights
Strategy Development
Business case development
Faciltation of pre-market engagement
Contract and contract documentatiotion development
Development of systems and tools to support contract management and contract operation
Tender evaluation
Mobilisation support
Post award contract reviews, audits and service benchmarking.

We understand the unique environments and operations in which services will be required to operate and we experienced in delivering engagement with diverse stakeholders to deliver meaningful outcomes for the process.

Some of our Projects

We have lead procurment exercises for clients across the cultural sector for a full range of facilites management, professional services and project contracts.

As such we are experienced in delivering procurement exercises within public procurement and other regulatory frameworks.

To date Mortice has supported procurment proceesses with combined contract values of over £80 million.

Some of our clients