Sustainable Business

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

We recognise there is a climate and ecological emergency which is why since Mortice’s conception, we have strived to integrate sustainable values and practice into our business, our community and our clients

“Real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.”

David Attenborough

There are ethical, financial, political, social reasons why we at all levels need to do more climate action. The cultural sector play an integral role in fighting inequality and injustice in society. One of the biggest injustice is the impact of modern industrial living on the environment. Building operations are one of the biggest contributor of carbon. The cultural sector needs to adjust how their buildings are operated in order to help fight these inequalities of how we use resources and distrub the ecosystem.



Decarbonise our activities



Finances and Services


We are calculating our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions

We have achieved carbon neutralility for Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions

We have planted 100 trees with our partner Just One Tree

Our office locations have all switched to 100% renewable energy and also utilise tools to minimise energy consumption

All employees have been encouraged to use low-carbon forms of transport
Employees are not allowed to use air travel within the UK

All internal staff meetings, food and refreshments are vegetarian

All staff have access to advice and guidance on how to live and work more sustainably, including access to

We have begun sourcing stationary and other consumables with a consideration of their sustainable credentials

Examining the environmental performance of companies providing us with financial products, banking, pensions

Future Plans

We will work with our partners and supply chain to calculate our Scope 3 carbon emissions

We will achieve zero-carbon by 2030

We will plant a further 3000 trees by 2025

We will continue to evaluate our energy suppliers

Further limit non-use of air travel to include Western Europe

All client meetings, food and refreshments will be vegan

All physical resource use will be minimised and any requirements wll be sourced based on sustainable procurement guidance

Switch to companies which share our values

Our Community

Facilitate conversations on sustainability in the cultural sector

Share expertise and experience on sustainability in the cultural sector

Raising sustainability as a topic for discussion during Cultural FM Hub

Connecting with professionals working on sustainable projects in the cultural sector

Ensuring that sustainability is a central feature of the IMCC conference

Participating in the Climate Heritage Network

Sharing information, articles and news on our social media platforms

Delivered Sustainability Series consisting of training workshops on economic and environmental sustainability

Continue to raise sustainability in the Cultural FM Hub to support its members

Curate sustainable specific focus groups to support professionals in the cultural sector

Our Clients

Integrate sustainability into all work with clients

Support integration of sustainable strategies and practices into clients’ operations

We have worked with several museums to develop their sustainable strategies and frameworks.

We will work with existing and new clients to support their sustainable development.