Mortice provides bespoke training and workshops to museum professionals. Our network, research and collaboration within the sector ensures that we provide relevant, thoughtful and training to help professionals and institutions to create a sustainable and accessible environment.  

Our training sessions brings together relevant expertise to cater for the specificity of each institution or group and help them achieve what they want to achieve. Through our understanding of the opportunities, challenges and people within the sector, we are able to shape our training sessions to the needs of the individuals, institution and the sector.

We offer a wide range of workshops and training sessions on topics such as: Re-opening Support, Contract Support, Effective Team Working and Collections Care. We are keen to collaborate with institutions and organisations in order to provide training that will most benefit our clients.

Upcoming Training

Sustainability Series

This autumn we are running a series of training sessions on Sustainability aimed at those who are engaged with the built environment in the Cultural Sector. We feel that the built environment is often omitted from conversations about sustainability and museums, neglecting an integral aspect of the cultural sector which has a central role to play in making the sector, society and the environment healthier and more resilient. The Series will be supporting the Cultural Sector to deliver effective change in building operation for organisations looking to produce thoughtful, robust and creative solutions. 

See here for more information and to book.

Previous Training

Collection Care Training
‘Ensuring the Building is Caring for your Collections too’ Training Course, August 2020

We ran an online interactive training course organised by The London Museum Development and Regional Collection Care team to support museum staff and volunteers responsible for collection care, operations and facilities management. Attendees learnt how the management and operation of museum buildings can optimise collection care.

COVID-19 Museums Reopening Webinar series
‘Global Museum Reopening: Trends and Case Studies’

Our Webinar series tracked the global trends of museums reopening post-lockdown and the measures which were put in place to protect the safety of staff and visitors. The series presented the various options available for museums and heritage sites when reopening as well as outlining the governmental guidelines imposed on museums when reopening their sites.

COVID-19 Response Training Courses
Reopening Museums for the Museum Development Network, Summer 2020

We delivered four online courses for four regions of the Museum Development Network (MDN). The course supported accredited museums to implement best practice when reopening their museums after lockdown. The course outlined the official regulations on reopening museums, shops and cafes as well as how other museums globally and nationally were implementing safety measures while recognising the specific needs and expectations of each institution.

Facilities Management Training, October 2019
‘Keep on Running: Museum Building Services, Managing them or asking the right questions of those who do’ training course

We ran a training course at the Museum of London organised by The London Museum Development and Regional Collection Care team to support London’s non-national museums to manage their facilities covering topics such as the importance of facilities of management, M&E strategies for maintaining collection environmental conditions and operating models and procurement methodologies.