About us

Mortice Consulting provides specialist Facilities and Operations support to those caring for our Built and Cultural Heritage. At Mortice Consulting, we believe in finding innovative solutions in the care of these important and unique buildings. We provide a range of solutions through our staff and network of subject matter experts. 

We work exclusively with the UK Cultural Sector clients; as a result we have developed a unique understanding of working within these organisations and delivering solutions through integration and collaboration. 

Mortice was founded in 2017, focusing primarily on Facilities and Estates Management.  Over the years, our team and its expertise have expanded its scope into new and exciting areas which allow us to further fulfil our mission of supporting the sector. For example, we have worked with institutions to develop their Collection Care and Storage strategies and Front of House service. Our dedication to this sector pushes us to explore with our clients, new ways in which we can support and develop our Built and Cultural Heritage. 

How we work:

Mortice has an agile model which is built around our core team of staff. This is enhanced by our wide network of subject matter experts who we utilise to support projects or to form tailored project teams when required. The agility and approach taken by Mortice Consulting mean that we can give you:

  • A personal service and ability to provide tailored support to clients
  • Access to a range of leading subject matter experts
  • A competitive price through a model which limits overheads
  • The resilience that comes through our demonstrable track record of delivering to clients like you

Meet our Team

Ben Melham

Ben Melham


Ben founded Mortice Consulting in 2017. He brings unique insight from spending his entire career delivering FM Service Management, Delivery and Consultancy on some of the most iconic estates in the UK.

Silje Ross

Silje Ross

Business Manager

Silje joined Mortice in 2018. Silje had worked as a Client Onboarding Policy and Quality Analytics Specialist for Goldman Sachs. Silje holds a MSc in International Business Administration and a MSc in International Marketing Management.

Alice Tofts

Alice Tofts

Research Associate

Alice joined in February 2020. Alice has experience in various national and local museums in a variety of roles such as operations, exhibitions, programming and education.