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We are passionate about caring for our built and cultural heritage and proud of our services that help support and future-proof the sector.

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Our team has years of experience of working in the heritage sector and estate and facilities management. Our grasp of the sector’s unique qualities are what make us distinct.

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Our research helps lead and build international conversations around the sector. Our expertise and knowledge of the sector help our clients to plan for the future.

We are always keen to hear from individuals or organisations who want to collaborate or have ideas on how we can support and develop the Built and Cultural Sector.

What are your experiences of visiting cultural sector sites and visitor attractions and how have new safety measures impacted your visit? #museumreopening

CONTRACT OPPORTUNITY: M&E Maintenance contract across the fantastic @RMGreenwich estate.

*all communication regarding this opportunity must be made via the Delta eSourcing platform
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With specific measures put in places, museums in Wales will need to "balance that need for income generation versus the costs of reopening, with the enhanced cleaning, additional staffing and the PPE that is required."

We were pleased to support @MD_NORTHEAST today with our training course 'planning to reopen'. It's been one of several training sessions we have run recently on this important topic for #museums across the country. We look forward to to hearing about their successful reopenings. MorticeConsult photo

Our Director @Benmelham will be leading this important training course for #museums accross the North East. 🏛🔓

We have led multiple training sessions this week hosted by
@Benmelham for @MusDevYorks and @MuseumDevNW
on best practice for protecting visitors, staff and their sites during this pivotal time of reopening. Thanks to the attendees for their input and engagement.
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