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We are passionate about caring for our built and cultural heritage and proud of our services that help support and future-proof the sector.

Expert led

Our team has years of experience of working in the heritage sector and estate and facilities management. Our grasp of the sector’s unique qualities are what make us distinct.

High Quality Research

Our research helps lead and build international conversations around the sector. Our expertise and knowledge of the sector help our clients to plan for the future.

Cultural institutions we have worked with

We are always keen to hear from individuals or organisations who want to collaborate or have ideas on how we can support and develop the Built and Cultural Sector.

Improved energy efficiency of buildings is crucial to our green COVID recovery.

We are delighted to present in the 7th annual @SHAREmuseums and @CamUnivMuseums conference 28 & 29 Jan.

Our director, @Benmelham will be sharing his experience and insights into integrating #sustainability into museum collection care practices.
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An impressive result for Scottish Maritime Museums as they raise more than double their target from the #SupportOurMuseums initiative.

From gender equality, super rice and wind power, this series from @BBCRadio4 points out the ways in which we can save the planet. It's great to hear some positivity about the future, just what we need!

Confused by the UK's government's public procurement processes after Brexit? Our Director @Benmelham summarises the guidance.
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We wish you all a very Merry Christmas 🎄 🌱
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Ben Melham @Benmelham
As 2020 comes to an end we would like to share a Christmas gift in recognition of everyone we have collaborated or engaged with this year. We are funding the planting of more 🌱 to contribute to global reforestation in response to the #ClimateEmergency & #EcologicalEmergency